Firstly, before we travel anywhere I want to express how chuffed I am that of all the words out there on the internet (Fun fact: there’s about 4.77 billion pages worth) you’ve decided to read the following. That sounded a little self indulgent didn’t it? I guess what I’m to say is that—I’m grateful. Thanks. Cheers. Thanks Mum.

So in August I was lucky enough to re-hash the #internationalwaters hashtag for a second time in two years. Starting in Rome, Kayla and I travelled through Italy & Spain for a month. We crossed paths with friends, family and as well as some very shady characters—Wait for the story from a late night in Barcelona.

In the hope of achieving ultimate convenience, I packed over 25 shirts to wear, one for every day. Within each lies a story and over the next few weeks, i’ll strip it down and tell each one. Sounds saucy right?

Well here goes;

The Destination: Rome
The Shirt: ‘The comfy’ black tee with stock ASOS black open shirt over the top. Very techno. Very travel.

The lead-up. Plenty to organise still, everything to pack, you’ve got work that needs to be finished but all your time is spent strategizing the perfect sleep schedule for the flight over. “I’ll stay up so I’m super tired then sleep over night”… GENIUS. Except, what that internal dialogue (and you’re ass) fails to mention is that it’s not humanly possible to be comfortable in a normal plane seat.

(Whinging continues) We’ve been able to achieve a shitload as a race, no more than what we have in the last 100 years, but when it comes to economy cabin ass support, there needs to be a Royal Commission. Like me, If you’re only a few hours in and you start to feel the burn, you will be faced with the biggest test of your life; the next 23 hours.

But then you land, today is sometime tomorrow, you high-five the flight attendants, grab your luggage and you’re outta there. At this point, I was ready to change up the shirt and couldn’t be more excited to get to our Airbnb in Rome. It was just Adam and I, with Jonno joining us later in the day and Kayla a few days later. When we arrived, the apartment was a tight, gothic inspired third floor gem. The aircon was broken but our host (I forget his name, but he was a legend) was on the case. We had a tiny wooden kitchen about 1x1m and a cookie jar with some leftover biscotti. The kitchen made way for an open lounge space and an attic like upstairs where the main bed looked over the entire apartment. With my quick thinking and understanding of thermodynamics I dibs’d the slouchy L shape sofa in front of the aircon.

A change of shirt, quick blast of newly fixed aircon and we set out to conquer Rome on foot. We punched out the main sites in a few hours and clocked up around 10 km’s before meeting more friends—Jack & Jess— for a nice big bowl of carbs and limoncello.

The first night snooze is really something special. What’s more though is that thought that just before you nod off. The thought of the journey to follow. Unexpected memories to be made, new culture to be uncovered and a heap of vodka soda’s to be swindled. I can confirm; My shirt collection had absolutely no idea what was to come…

My Favourite Part

Some small, unimportant observations, those of which you may experience waiting in an Airport, give you a pleasant reminder that the world isn’t happening to you, but around you.


Where we stayed (AirBNB — hit me up if you want to know)

Where we walked (Trevi, Panethon, Vatican, Colleseum)