Mykonos, you dry.

I don’t know a lot about the history of the Greek Islands (or much of the geography for that matter) but when we arrived at the Mykonos Island National Airport I imagined that this now visually thrilling island, was once a barren wasteland. Beyond the royal blue beaches and finely grated white sand, the landscape was dry, intimidating and sparse.

But to their credit, the locals play to their strengths; integrating their beaches into architecture. Smooth cubic houses, wooden coloured doors and whitewashed walls visually combat the unforgiving terrain. They also take a great deal of pride in the detail of the finish. A number of times I saw shop owners mixing white and blue paint. White to smooth the walls, blue to highlight the edges.

As a tourist in the Greek Islands, a common problem is being spoilt for choice when it comes to beach clubs. Or as they’re also known to my wallet as ‘a place to sweat on me, starve me and spend all our money’. We were recommended to check out Nammos Beach Club, situated on Psarou Beach. At the base of the steep spiralling road, we parked our bikes, grabbed our towels, and walked in keen to invest some ass and some hours into the sun beds. Fast forward five minutes and we’re walking out with a whole new idea of ‘expensive beach club’. Eventually, we landed at a place just around the corner where the service was unreal. It’s hard to say whether the amount of vodka and fried haloumi contributed to my judgement, but I still contend that our waiter wasn’t human; he was some kind of angel sent from hospitality heaven.

The pace of the island was calming and therapeutic. It gave us the ability to ween off our tight schedule of hangovers, taxi’s, world wonders and busy airports. Visiting Mykonos Town we were in awe of the iconic windmills and the lazy shopping atmosphere. I purchased some hand crafted leather sandals that could warrant an uber dope Moses x Yeezy x adidas collab.

The piece de resistance however, was the sunset to the south west. With the island being super accessible by bike, it wasn’t hard to put yourself in a position to watch the sun fall into the night.

My favourite part

Although Mykonos is commonly touted a party destination, we experienced it differently and I’m glad we did.


Where we stayed (Palladium Hotel Mykonos)

Where you need a small fortune to hang out (Nammos Beach Club)

Where we were literally blown away (Mykonos Town Windmills)

Where we admired the drinking abilities of many Brazilians (Paradise Beach Club)

One symptom of travelling I found was being so much more aware than I am at home, in a familiar environment. I would pick up on every subtlety as my senses were ignited. If there was one thing I brought home (aside from a plethora of dirty clothes for Mum) it was a more appreciative outlook on the little things. I hope this can serve as some useful info when embarking on your own expedition overseas.

A big shoutout to Kayla, Jess and Daniel for joining me in the jacuzzi.

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