Since the turn of the millennium,—the online fashion retailer—has been a powerhouse in clothing people all around the world.

Today, as you know, it’s more common to click into a store then it is to walk in. The fact that you can shop in your underwear is as creepy as it is convenient. Yet, it’s common for us twenty something’s to still have our reservations on how to shop ASOS. As a self proclaimed ‘ASOS-ologist’ I’m often vocal about the benefits of loading up and carting out online. Which is why I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with you, in the hope that your next shop a little easier and much more rewarding. So here goes; open a new tab, drop the a-word and let’s begin.

The Pros

It’s cheaper.
That’s the benefit of occupying shopfronts on the web and on mobile, it costs next to nothing. While it’s an unfair advantage compared to the traditional retailer, it makes for a cheaper experience. In most cases as well, shipping is free.

No car parks.
You do have to park your tabs though. I would advise opening a new browser window though because it’s going to be tabogeddon once you hit the sales section.

Browse over 80,000 products.
So the chances of you rocking up to the disco in the same outfit as someone else is pretty unlikely. If you do, that’s uncommonly impressive, go and introduce yourself, that’s a new friend.

Choose the soundtrack (and the volume).
Perfect if you’re battling a hangover and feeling sore and sorry for yourself. By not having your face and ears pounded in store, you can casually scroll and cry to James Blake’s latest album.

The feeling of the package arriving.
Coming home to the glorious shipment on your bed. Is there any better feeling?

The Cons

It doesn’t stimulate our economy.
But to be fair, a lot of the money spent in other popular retailers is shipped offshore pretty quickly too.

You can’t try it on.
Convinced that you’re the only person in the world with a body like yours, it can be way too risky buying clothes online.

Spoilt for choice.
It can be hard settling on JUST 1 item. While it may be cheaper to shop online, it’s also equally as dangerous because human logic always resorts to justifying comparative narratives. ‘But it’s on sale’ or ‘I’m getting 3-4 more items than I would in store’ are common cop out’s for blowing the budget.

There are no food courts.
Unless you have leftover honey chicken in the fridge from last night, you’re not getting any awesome food court action online.

No pleasant customer experience.
There’s a fine line between hassling and helping in stores. Sometimes you’ll be graced with an angel, sent down from fashion heaven to serve your threaded needs. Other times you’ll have Tiff aka asking you what you’re doing this weekend. Online, you’re all by yourself and sometimes; you can be just as annoying.

Sometimes they make mistakes.
You’ve ordered a badass new leather jacket. Instead you’re unboxing a pair of women’s suede pyjamas. Everybody makes mistakes, but when you then have to re-package, fill in the form and send it back to be refunded—that can really take the enjoyment out of shopping online, right leatherdaddy?

How to shop ASOS, in your underwear.

1. Get yourself measured regularly and keep it on file.
As difficult as the numbers may be to face, having your measurements on hand and comparing them with the provided size guides is a good business. You’ll be surprised how easy it is and how much inconvenience it’ll save.

2. Browse ‘Sales’ first.
Because our seasons contradict the rest of the world there are constantly in season items on sale. Dirt cheap too.

3. Try the ASOS brand, you’ll be surprised.
Granted you’re not paying for bragging rights, you will be surprised by the quality of the ASOS branded styles. They don’t have the same lifespan as the premium brands but at half the cost, yacrazy not to.

4. Always use a discount code.
ASOS are basically throwing them at you. Every day there’s a new code; One day because you’re a uni student, the next purely because your name starts with J.

5. Couples who shop together, often remain poor together.
Batch deliveries will receive greater discounts so when you can, buy together.

My final piece of advice is to strike while the iron is hot. With London announcing it’s Brexit, our dollar has gained significant value against the pound and will make that natural tone off the shoulder mini a lot cheaper than it was a month ago. To sum it up, it’s not realistic to shop exclusively online. Our shopping habits will continue to be dictated by our environment priorities and ultimately—convenience. But being open to a cheeky shop on ASOS, with all the tools to get best bang for buck, can make for a pleasant change.