Just so you know, I’m the guy who gets the weird looks as people are try to work out whether I just inhaled my dinner or threw it over my shoulder. My relationship with food is described as ‘What’s it still doing on the plate?’ I consume quickly and overeat regularly. If this is you, let me assure you this diet is something you can try, accomplish and help change your approach when it comes to nourishing the temple.

The Fast Mimicking Diet was crafted by an Italian cell biologist named Dr. Valter Longo. The idea is that with the FMD, you can replicate the same benefits of a sustained Ketogenic diet or strict water fast. The purpose of both are to promote longevity; seeing more orbits around the big rock and Geelong grandfinals.

The principles governing the diet are simple.

– You restrict your calories.
– You obtain high percentage of calories from fat.
– Anything you do eat is of high micronutrient content from natural sources.

Not my own words, but what this does:

– The negative aging pathways including IGF-1, mTOR and PKA are suppressed.
– There’s a lowering of LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, insulin resistance, and diabetes improves.
– The stomach sees some food, but the cells are fasting. This combination down regulates the body’s key nutrient-sensing pathways, which activates cellular regeneration and rejuvenation.

Now In my words:

I like to think about it like I’m starving the dirtbag, soul sucking, lazy ass cells out of the body and growing a fresh bunch who are a wide-eyed, nieve and enthusiastic to do what I tell them.

I tried a Keto Diet last year as well as the 5 Day Fast Mimicking Diet. Keto was difficult to sustain because it requires unbelievable dedication, preparation and precision. Something I found hard to integrate into my lifestyle. With the FMD, I found it to be hugely beneficial, but I planned it poorly. I started mid-week, which meant I was fasting over a weekend full of events and opportunities to indulge in great food. To give myself the best chance to succeed this time, I planned it wisely and added it to a regular Mon-Fri work week.

Quick Summary of my Results

– I lost 3.5kgs.
– From day 3 onwards it was a breeze, feeling energetic, clear headed, full of energy. Body tingle and borderline euphoria (slight exaggeration)
– Awake and out of bed with ease.
– Proud of the discipline.
– Still living, 100th birthday definitely on the cards.

Day to Day

A few things to remember; an average adult eats around 2000 calories per day. I drank approximately 2-4 litres of water a day. It’s recommended not to do any medium/high intensity exercise. I didn’t buy the items myself, I used the website 5boxfmd. They source and send you everything you need in day to day boxes. You pay for the convenience but the food is largely the same day to day.

Day 1 – 1100 Calories
Still less than usual, I had a little more to eat today than in the rest of the diet. Coffee is substituted for green tea with soup and lentils filling lunch and dinner. A sugarless choccy to wrap up the day motivated me into day two. Later in the evening I started to get a headache. Likely the body entering Ketosis, downed a Hibiscus tea and.

Day 2 – 800 Calories

Familiarising myself with the feeling of being punched in the stomach and savouring every single bite of the Cacao and Nut bar from breakfast. Skipped lunch on account of it being Miso Soup… I’ll never be that hungry. Hanging for dinner, gobbled down a cup of vegetable and lentil quinoa. Pretty irritable but keeping busy and distracted.

Day 3 – 800 Calories

JACKED. Waking up feeling fresh and full of energy. No lethargy. Noticed a heightened sense of confidence and was the most productive I’d been all year. Tomato soup in a mug for lunch, a handful of nuts as a snack and the choccy bar is back as a little treat. I save it until after dinner. I’m now finding it hard to sleep, which is definitely not an issue usually.

Day 4 – 800 Calories
Similar feels as day three. Noticed that food has slipped down the priority list and I’ll eat when It’s absolutely necessary. Viewing it more as fuel.

Day 5 – 800 Calories
Almost a bit loopy now. Very chatty, enthusiastic, borderline gloating – it is the final day after all. My greatest test for the week as I agreed to spectate an Indian feast with the lads. Willpower is saying no to fresh garlic Naan bread.

Apart from the physical benefits

– While it takes some vigour, it’s only 5 days of your life. It’s a small commitment in the grand scheme of things.
– It definitely changes your attitude towards food – from scoffing to intentionally eating. Perhaps not for good but now a few days out, you’ll be more present before I guzzle.
– There’s no doubt it trains discipline, patience and self awareness. You’re more acutely listening to your body.
– Your other senses are forcefully heightened. You enjoy smelling food a lot more when you can’t eat it.
– There’s probably a little placebo in there too that subscribes to the ‘You’re the fkn man’ storyline.

What might make it tough

– If by trade, you’ve got a labour intensive or super active job. You likely won’t get the energy to sustain it through this diet.
– There’s a chance you have to give up some exercise. Not all, but medium/high intensity exercise isn’t recommended as you’ll likely put your body in too large of a deficit.
– If you visit Nonna’s more than once a week, you’re going straight to hell, do not pass go.

If you want to throw a curveball at your body and challenge your mind + body, definitely give the Fast Mimicking Diet a try. If you need to take extreme measures to break bad habits like me, this is the one. Please remember I’m the exact opposite of a health expert and if you’re hesitant, talk to your GP and do your own research. Like anything, there’s a lot of supporting data out there, but there’s also some opposing views – read both.

If you’re planning on trying it or done it before, drop me a line, I’d love to hear your experience and share more about mine.

Bon appetite!